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"The slender singer with the big soulful voice, 
the kind that knocks you for a loop"

Calgary Herald

Shannon Gaye - inside CD cover Little Wonder

"Little Wonder" love it!!

Henry Lees, Zoomer Media


“A poignantly affirming reflection on the human condition, In This Life is both a moving one on one wish for a loved one and a sweeping hope for everyone. Superbly sung with spine-tingling instrumental flourishes, it also provides one of the album's highest watermarks.”

Shannon Gaye CD Cover Little Wonder

"Amazing vocal talent" 

J. Prentice, Lethbridge Insider


“This is where the unexpected treat, gifted guest vocalist Shannon Gaye shines. Her amazing vocal talent proved a good match for the loud “funked­up” style of Alexandrov. She even covered songs by Norah Jones and Aretha Franklin that made me say, Norah who?... And Aretha­what’s­her­face?” 

Shannon Gaye promo shot Pretty Pictures CD

"Packs a soulful punch"

Vicky Van Dyke, The Wave FM


“Shannon’s voice packs a soulful punch that defies her slender stature and porcelain skin. Heavy grooves. Funk. Moody vibes. The lead­off single ­ "Willing and Able" ­ is all silky smooth jazziness with a finely funked­up edge.” 

Shannon Gaye promo shot Pretty Pictures CD

"Superb urban mix"

Jasmine C, Metrogallery


“Shannon Gaye delivers superb urban mix of Neo­Soul and Acid Jazz on Pretty Pictures. This is Gaye’s strongest album to date, with fantastic vocal performances, creative arrangements, and stellar playing by a handful of top Calgary and Toronto musicians.” 

Shannon Gaye promo shot Little Wonder CD

"Funky & soulful" 

Adam Harrington, Whisper & Hollerin (UK)

"Gaye is possessed by the rhythmic pulse of the 70's, when music had a funky and soulful punch to it...There are times when Gaye sings like a man, which is meant to be a compliment. Much of Pretty Pictures sounds out of time, which is GOOD!" 

Shannon Gaye cover Pretty Pictures CD

"Hits a lot of solid grooves"

Roger Levesque, Edm. Journal


“Pretty Pictures hits a lot of solid grooves, with the singer’s pliable vocal cords and jazzy phrasing floating over the mix.” 

Shannon Gaye Odd & Ordinary CD

"Good firm nod in direction of Detroit's finest" 

J. Sin,


"While sounding like a good firm not in the direction of Detroit's finest, Pretty Pictures boasts some modern hooks and rhythms that really break it out of that stereotypical mold." 

Shannon Gaye photo by Kate Kunz

"An unforgettable soulful & sultry voice" 

Jennifer Partridge, Calg Herald


“There’s nothing odd nor ordinary about jazz/funk/gospel singer Shannon Gaye. Blessed with an unforgettable soulful and sultry voice, Shannon packed a powerful punch as she enthralled the crowd of 400 who had gathered at The Drink to check out her groovy pre­release party.” 

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